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Good Lachenal Tutor Model 48 Key Treble

Type : English
Make : Lachenal
Model : 48 key Treble
Price : £600
Concertina Description

This concertina came in on the same day as the one previously listed and with the same story.

It was sold last year to a lady who has learned to play and brought it back in an upgrade situation yesterday to buy a steel reeded Paragon. It has got her playing and committed to the instrument-it can do the same for you !

It has mahogany ends, bone buttons, brass reeds and five fold bellows.

It was fitted with new pads, valves. straps and tuned to concert pitch.

It is number 60356 which will be late 1920's.

Certainly it plays very well for a tutor model and will not hold you back while you learn-and will come back at the same price if you look after it and come back to upgrade it.

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