Barleycorn Concertinas

Who are Barleycorn Concertinas?

Barleycorn Concertinas began in 1972. Over the last 25 years, thousands of instruments have reached the hands of players from this company and we boast some of the greatest exponents of the instrument among our customers.

Barleycorn Concertinas Policy

It has been our policy not to advertise concertinas because we have usually worked on recommendations - having a reputation among players was our greatest ambition. However, in these days of the global market with players from all over the world who may never have met one of our many satisfied customers we have decided to let people know that we can sell not only top instruments to serious players but also the first concertina to a beginner.

Why Barleycorn Concertinas?

With Barleycorn Concertinas you buy a better quality instrument for less money.

Barleycorn Concertinas Service

Can we Export?

For years Barleycorn has been exporting to America, Ireland, Europe and Asia, often through major dealers in those countries. Without realising it many people could be playing an instrument which originated here. We now have hundreds of American customers and if you are at all concerned please check out our feedback on the web and e-bay.

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What Next?

Send us an e-mail ring us or drop us a line giving:

  • Kind of concertina you are interested in
  • Approximate price range and what requirements you have for it
  • Where you live (as there are obviously different expenses and trading rules that affect what we say)

We will send a personal list of suitable instruments to let you know what is available.


Chris Algar
Barleycorn Concertinas
Located in Stoke-on-Trent, England

Tel: + 44 (0) 127 087 9958
Tel: + 44 (0) 7866 703 636

We reply to every email. If you don't receive a reply it must mean that we didn't receive it for one reason or another. Please email us again or give us a ring.

Set of 8 reproduction postcards available at a cost of £6 ( $12 ) including Post & Packing.


There are no strict rules as to the cost of a concertina. Factors such as condition, rarity and finish all come into the equation when it comes to concertina prices.

There are endless varieties of concertinas and any prices on these pages are only guidelines as of July 2009. So don't be disappointed to find that you won't be able to acquire a Hayden duet, or buy a Jeffries for £200!