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Very Rare! Wheatstone 12 Key Miniature ANGLO !!!

Type : Anglo
Make : Wheatstone
Model : 12 Key Miniature
Price : £2500
Concertina Description

Try and find another one of these!

A Wheatstone anglo miniature No 27294.

It has metal ends, metal buttons, steel reeds and 8 fold bellows.

Just come in from the USA.

On the left the four notes on the top row-from right to left and out to in are: Bb/Ab, A/G, F/E. D/C.

The two buttons below are an Air button and B/C#.

On the right-from left to right and draw then push are: Eb/C#, B/C, D/E, F/G.

The two below are A/F#, B/C.

It therefore appears to be a the basis of the C row on a normal anglo-just an octave above.

These concertinas have miniature bellows so are very poor on air. On an English you would play vibrato style to keep air in the bellows. You can't do that on an anglo. It is a difficult skill to manage and you can really only play one note at a time. It takes some work but I have seen Noel Hill do it well on his miniature.

It is really a novelty instrument-but very rare and can be a show stopper.

It is in concert pitch and comes in its original case although the leather on the lock hasp need renewing.

It measures approx 7 cms across an end and 11 cms from side to side.

I have pictured it next to a normal treble.

You might never get this chance again so -Don't miss it!

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