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Absolutely Beautiful George Case 48 Key English

Type : English
Make : George Case
Model : 48 Key Treble
Price : £900
Concertina Description

This is a George Case treble-even though it has a Wheatstone label-it is certainly not a Wheatstone but has all the features of a George Case.

It has the unusual scalloped shape in the fret for their scalloped label-it has the unique Case metal inserts in the fretwork-it has the double-walled reedpan which they are famous for and it has the typical double serial numbers-3028 on the inside but 2775 stamped on the side rails. I have never understood why they have two different numbers-but they always do. I am sure that this is not a marriage concertina.

It has the most glorious ends. I am not certain what the wood is but it is very beautifully marked. There is a small area of fret damage on the right hand end just above the thumbstrap which looks as if it was caused by being picked up between finger and thumb of the same hand-never do that on wooden-ended Concertinas!

It has just been expensively restored -firstly cleaned-because it was very grubby. It has new pads, valves, straps and is now tuned to concert pitch.

The bellows are original and in good condition.

It has brass reeds and baffles so it has a very gentle tone but plays well and quickly.

An extremely sweet looking and playing concertina-you won't see many like it-I haven't!

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