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Wheatstone 64 Key Baritone-Treble Aeola

Type : English
Make : Wheatstone
Model : 64 Key Baritone-Treble
Price : £3900
Concertina Description

A beautiful Aeola Baritone treble No 24667. It has raised ebonised ends, metal buttons, steel reeds and a new set of 8 fold bellows. It also comes in a new, specially built hard case

I bought it from Ebay and it was already restored with new valves. pads, straps and tuned to concert pitch.

The lowest note on the right is A2 and Ab 2 although the lowest note in the usual position of bottom button on the second row in from the thumbstrap is the same C as you will find on that position on a tenor-rtreble. The lowest note on the left is G2.

Baritone-trebles are of course bigger and heavier than trebles or tenor-trebles but if you need the low notes without losing the normal treble range -they are for you. I would usually say that I hardly ever have one in stock but -as so often happens in my World-I have another three in stock-a couple of which go even lower in range.

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