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Lachenal 30 Key Anglo in G/D/A

Type : Anglo
Make : Lachenal
Model : 30 Key in G/D/A
Price : £1800
Concertina Description

This is a really unusual Lachenal 30 key with rosewood ends, bone buttons, steel reeds and 6 fold bellows.

It has just come back from restoration with re-finished ends, bushings on the buttons,(which this model never has from new), new pads, straps and a quality set of new leather 6 fold bellows.

The problem is that it is not in the usual 30 key anglo configuration. The normal two rows are in the rare  keys of D and A-slightly higher in pitch than a C/G and the top row-instead of being accidentals is in the key of G. 

It is really like having three one row melodeons put together. You can play simple tunes in three different keys using the same fingering on each.

This could be a very attractive prospect to someone who only plays simple tunes -or accompanies singing and doesn't want to carry more than one concertina to cover those three keys.

Of course it can quite easily be retuned to make it a D/A with accidentals but before actually tuning it  I thought to see if anyone would be interested it in the keys which it is actually in now.

I plan to give it a couple of weeks to see if it has any response-if not I will simply tune it to a normal D/A or down to  C/G . I obviously may need to replace some reeds on the potential accidental row but I have thousands of quality Lachenal reeds in stock after 45 years of dealing so it would be possible to do.

If you know anyone who might be interested-please let them know it is available.

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