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Lovely Wheatstone 48 Key Treble

Type : English
Make : Wheatstone
Model : 48 key treble
Price : £1500
Concertina Description

Just come in-a 48 key Wheatstone with metal ends.

It is serial number 23423-which would be late 1890's.

This is quite a common model made all the way from the 1890's almost up to the Second World War-but this one has a couple of features that are different to almost everyone that I have seen. Firstly the strap screws go directly into the wood of the sides instead of into a brass fitting. Stranger still-it does not have a riveted action. All the Wheatstone instruments before did-and afterwards also. I can only assume that this is an instrument from the period when Wheatstones  started to expand their range of instruments and types of concertina-and they were trying various ways of doing things. 

The reeds are steel and it has 5 fold bellows. Riveted action or not -it plays very well and is in decent condition-probably more like good condition. It has had new pads, valves,straps and is tuned to concert pitch with a case.

A great instrument for the money and one of a huge range of Englishes in stock.

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