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Jones 30 Key Anglo in C/G

Type : Anglo
Make : George Jones
Model : 30 Key in C/G
Price : £1300
Concertina Description


This one is a George Jones 30 key No 18723.

It has rosewood ends, bushed bone buttons-unlike Lachenals which are usually unbushed on this model. It has steel reeds and 6 fold bellows. Comes in an original hard case-with a key-which is inserted into a gig bag.

It has been restored with new pads, valves, straps and tuned to concert pitch .

It has the usual slightly odd Jones accidentals but I have put the ones on the left side back to what we know as normal-and the right side is Eb/C#, G/G#, Bb/C#,F/A and Eb/C so you have all the important notes-mostly in the usual place.

It is in very nice condition for an instrument probably from the 1880's . The bellows are airtight and just have some reinforcement patches on one set of corners-the ones that sit on the knee. 

It plays very well and has a much more gentle and mellow sound than a Lachenal and would be great for a singer.

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