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Bargain Jeffries 50 Key C/G

Type : Anglo
Make : Jeffries
Model : C/G
Price : £4000
Concertina Description

I am selling this concertina on behalf of the family of an old customer of mine who is sadly no longer with us.

He was a well-know singer in this area -and  I have seen him playing in various forms at Warwick and Sidmouth Folk Festivals.

The concertina is a Jeffries 50 key with raised ends.

At first glance I was pretty sure that it would be a converted Duet-now I have had a look inside I am not so sure as the main reeds that I looked at were in the correct places-and a 50 key anglo is by no means an impossibility. It has at some point been restored-I don't know by who but they have done a good job of valving and tuning it-surprisingly I don't think they have replaced the pads.

The bellows seem fine-the tone is good and strong-the reeds look great-it plays very well

I guess that for perfection it could do with new pads  but it is a  nicely playing concertina with real class which was the favourite instrument of its owner.

We are asking what is a very low price for a Jeffries basically because 50 keys are harder to sell than 30 and 38 keys-but it is only 6 3/10th across the fret so it is not one of those larger ones with the raised ends and a man would have no trouble with the weight-or anyone else if they sat down to play.

The reason for the budget price is also to attract a quicker sale so that the family will have the money as this sad event was unexpected.

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