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Lachenal 56 Key New Model

Type : English
Make : Lachenal
Model : 56 Key Treble
Price : £1600
Concertina Description

A lovely Lachenal New Model No 37277-which is probably around the 1890's.

It is the 56 key extended treble-extended up-not down. These concertinas were very common in Victorian times as the repertoire often required very high notes-and also you can play the whole tune an octave up in the piccolo range. They are exactly the same size as normal 48 key.

It has ebonised ends, glass buttons, ( a sure sign of a quality instrument), steel reeds and 5 fold bellows.

It has been fitted with new pads, valves , straps and tuned to concert pitch. 

Comes in a new luxury padded gig bag.

It looks good and plays very well with a quick and light action and a pleasant mellow sound-but plenty of volume if needed.

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