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Unusual Wheatstone 48 Key with Metal Plates

This concertina has been sold
Type : English
Make : Wheatstone
Model : 48 Key Treble
Price : £1500
Concertina Description

An unusual Wheatstone which has ebonised ends  but the buttons are surrounded by metal plates -giving it a different appearance.

I believe that this sort of concertina was made for someone with longer fingernails and that the plates are to protect from the gouges that we sometimes see on wooden ended instruments played by people with longer nails.

It has ebonised ends, metal buttons, steel reeds and has just come back from being fitted with new 6 fold bellows which do help it to have more air.

It also has new pads, valves, straps and is tuned to concert pitch.

It is number 30783 and is in good condition and playing very well.

Just one of about 20 concertinas in this sort of price range. Always email if you want something specific as it may well be in stock.

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