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Crabb 40 Key Anglo in C/G

Type : anglo
Make : Crabb
Model : 40 key in C/G
Price : £3000
Concertina Description

A 40 key in C/G by Crabb-No 18374-which is probably be around 1970.

It is a high-grade model with 40 metal buttons, metal ends, steel reeds and 10 fold bellows!!!

It was bought from the States and I guess that explains the amazing size of the bellows!

It was obviously made this way as it fits the original Crabb case perfectly.

The instrument is in very good condition with very few marks-and it plays great-with quick action and great sound-just don't pull the bellows out too far-it is perfect to play if you treat it as a normal 6 fold and only pull it out as much as you would for that sort on instrument.  

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