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Beautiful Early Louis Lachenal 48 Key

Type : English
Make : Louis Lachenal
Model : 48 key Treble
Price : £750
Concertina Description

A really sweet Lachenal from the 1860's. It has a label for "John Pask and Co, The Strand, London" but it is definitely a Louis Lachenal instrument.

Most of these early concertinas are either very fragile or quite poor players but this one is an exception. It has rosewood ends, bone buttons, brass reeds and a set of green 5 fold bellows. It comes in its original case-which unlike the concertina is not restored -but it is in decent shape and should be easy to get working properly.

The instrument itself has new pads, valves and is tuned to concert pitch. I kept the original straps on as they still have some life left in them and I haven't got any replacements in green!

It has brass reeds and pine baffles behind the fretwork so it is not loud and has a very gentle ,internalised tone which would suit a singer or for someone who wants to play and not disturb other people in the house -or next door-( I have plenty of concertinas that would disturb the neighbours if anyone wants them!)

It may be a quiet instrument but it isn't slow.

If you are looking to learn on something that is original, nice looking, a decent player and not too loud or expensive-this could be for you-and it can be traded in for the purchase price in an upgrade situation if it has been looked after.

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