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Crabb 30 key in C/G

Type : Anglo
Make : Crabb
Model : 30 key in C/G
Price : £3750
Concertina Description

This is a great  playing Crabb anglo from around 1890, (many thanks to Geoff Crabb for letting us have these factory dates). This is the great period of time when Crabb and Jeffries were the two most prominent builders of quality anglos-and before Wheatstone had ever made any!

It has metal ends. bone buttons, steel reeds and a relatively modern set of plain black 6 fold bellows. It would originally have had the Crabb/Jeffries decorated and tooled style bellows.

It has been fitted with new pads, valves and tuned to concert pitch. It is very Jeffries in looks and sound and as most people will know-the Jeffries is a copy of a Crabb-not the other way round. 

It has some Salvation Army markings on the wooden rails but they have almost disappeared when the sides were re-finished

Plays great, looks fine, is in great condition with a recent  hard case .

Want something that plays like a Jeffries at thousands of pounds less? This is for you.!

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