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Wheatstone Aeola 67 Key Maccann Aeola in Bb

Type : Duet
Make : Wheatstone
Model : 67 Key Maccann in Bb
Price : £2200
Concertina Description

A very pretty Wheatstone Maccann Duet Aeola.

I can't remember the serial number-and it is missing from the outside -but I am pretty certain that it was a 23,000 series number which would make it one of the first Aeola Maccanns-if not the first. It certainly has all the quality of the later ones.

It has metal ends, metal buttons, steel reeds in aluminium frames and 8 fold bellows.

Quite  a lot of the bigger concertinas were fitted with aluminium frames to keep the weight down-and these reeds show no sign of deterioration-which seem s only to occur on early Lachenal instruments. The aluminium frames have the added advantage of taking the sharp edge off the sound of a metal-ended instruments-making it more mellow.

It has been fitted with new pads, valves and  it is in concert pitch-it was when we bought it.

It is pitched in Bb in that every C is a Bb and so on with every key-they  are all two semitones below what you would expect.

It is therefore a great transposing instrument. If you are a Maccann Duet player you are able to play what you normally do  in C-with the same fingering and come out in Bb-and likewise with any key you play in. It will of course make some keys which you find difficult to play in-much easier. Also Bb concertinas somehow also sound more rich-and a lot of ladies sing in Bb so it could be a great concertina for accompaniment.

Comes in its original hide leather case which could do with tidying but would be worth restoring

Another one of the largest selection of Duets in the World-most of which are not listed -so get in touch!

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