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Lachenal 30 Key in C/G with Metal Ends

Type : Anglo
Make : Lachenal
Model : 30 Key in C/G
Price : £1800
Concertina Description

 A Lachenal 30 key No 199201 c 1928.

It has plastic buttons, metal ends, steel reeds and 6 fold bellows.

It has been fitted with new pads, valves, straps and tuned to concert pitch.

It is in great condition and comes in its original wooden case which only needs a little fettling to make it work properly-or I can supply a free quality gig bag with the instrument.

Some of these later models can be poor players but the higher up the price scale you go -the better they are. This is not a top class player-this model would be £2500 in best period-but neither is it a poor player. It would best suit someone who wants a decent concertina that looks great without paying the money for a really top player.

One of a huge range of anglos that you know nothing about because I can't list many of them-so ask if you want something special.

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