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Beautiful and Rare Wheatstone Treble Aeola

Type : English
Make : Wheatstone
Model : 56 key Extended Treble Aeola
Price : £3750
Concertina Description

A Wheatstone 56 key extended treble Aeola no 24102  c 1900.

It is a treble extended up not a tenor-treble.

It feels and plays exactly like a 48 key and the buttons are in the same relationship to the thumbstraps so you don't even notice that it has more keys-plus the fact that they can be very useful if you learn to play in the piccolo range as a variation.

It is special because it has the most beautiful and figured wooden ends-which I take to be ebony-but not stained to make it black-it is a very dark brown.

It has been completely and expensively restored with new pads, valves, straps, bushings ,an end refinish and a new set of top quality 6 fold bellows-then tuned to concert.

It is in wonderful condition and plays beautifully -but it is not shrill and has a slightly more refined, gentle tone than a lot of Aeola trebles.

We have at least another ten to fifteen English Aeolas in stock-not to mention an anglo one and about seven Duet Aeolas.

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