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Jones 32 Key in C/G

Type : Anglo
Make : Jones
Model : 32 key in C/G
Price : £1400
Concertina Description

This concertina came in a rather scruffy condition-and still is a little tired and worn even after it has been cleaned and fitted with new pads, valves , straps and tuned to concert pitch.

It isn't terrible but does have some scuffs on the bellows, marked ends and scuffed woodwork-but then Jones concertinas are at the bottom end of makers and not usually found in top condition.

For all I have said-it plays pretty well with a much more mellow sound than you would get from a metal-ended Lachenal-and how many 32 key anglos with metal ends can you get for this sort of price.

If you are looking for a really tidy-looking instrument then this isn't for you but if looks are not important and you want a cheaper 30 key that works-it just might be!

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