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Unique Roylance Early 48 Key Baritone

Type : English
Make : Roylance
Model : Baritone
Price : £2500
Concertina Description

Find another one of these-it surely is the first I have seen in 45 years!

It is a baritone English with a label that says "Roylance , 184 Tot Ct Rd".

I am quite used to seeing normal 48 key instruments with a Roylance label-as they certainly sold concertinas made by other manufacturers but labelled by themselves.

This is nothing like that. It is a unique shape for a baritone-we call it "cottage" as it looks a like a small house-but it is also unique inside  with every steel reed screwed into place in the reedpan.

It has rosewood ends, metal buttons, steel reeds and a brand new set of 6 fold bellows-it had five fold originally but they could not be saved. It has had the new bellows, new pads, valves, straps -all the work of Mark Adey and then it was tuned by Nigel Sture as he is the only one with the patience,(as well as the skill), to take on such a job.

I am keeping it in an old  worn Aeola Duet case.

It plays well and sounds good but all genuine baritones are a totally different kettle of fish from playing a treble-it is always heavier and slower than a good treble.

If you want a unique piece of concertina history-that plays-get in touch.

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