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Amazingly Rare Early Wheatstone 48 key

Type : English
Make : Wheatstone
Model : 48 Key Treble
Price : £750
Concertina Description

I have had many thousands of concertinas in the last 45 years but this is only the second one of this Wheatstone model that I have ever seen-and the first one was a total wreck-which this one isn't.

It is a Wheatstone number 4321 which would be 1850's I think. It has very light wood ends. I am not certain what wood it is but it could be sycamore. I think the buttons are gold plated and it has a set of dark red 4 fold bellows.

It has been restored at one stage by Andrew Norman who has his name inside. He tuned it -put some patches on the bellows and got it playing. I have put a new set of pads on it as they had not been changed, checked the tuning and replaced a few valves that were nor sitting well as it had been kept in its case on its end rather than on its side -which we would recommend.

It has a mixture of original brass reeds and some more modern replacements-including steel ones -but surprisingly they all have the same tone,

It is a playing concertina with a very special sweet, enclosed tone-probably due to the baffles. It plays quite well although the metal buttons should really be bushed to keep the action quiet-but to do that would be to wreck its originality.

This is a very pretty, very rare instrument for not a great deal of money. It is not good enough to be someone's main instrument but it is a lovely second concertina -maybe for singing-and for getting any other concertina player's interest when they see it!

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