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Very Good Playing Lachenal 48 Key New Model

Type : English
Make : Lachenal
Model : 48 Key New Model
Price : £1800
Concertina Description

A 48 Key Lachenal New Model-(raised ends)-No 60087.

This is one of the last ones ever made and would date to just before-or around 1930.

Later Lachenals of some sorts have a bad reputation but it is not a simple story. Lachenal made their own reeds and had reeds made for them. Usually the ones made by an external manufacturer at this time are some of the worst examples Lachenals ever used -and are most often found on the cheaper Lachenal anglos. The top anglos and Englishes have Lachenal reeds as high a quality as they ever made-and this is one of those. 

It has great reeds and a very nice set of 6 fold bellows which I feel are a later replacement and are in great condition.

It has ebonised ends with a number of fingernail gouges -which shows that it was well played-metal buttons, steel reeds and the newer bellows.

It looks to me as though the ends were refinished at the same time as the bellows were replaced but it now also has new pads, valves and is tuned to concert pitch.

Probably not the most pristine of my concertinas but a hell of a good player -and the 6 fold bellows make a big difference as most New Models only have a small set of 5 fold.

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