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Scruffy but Playable Lachenal 46 Key Maccann

Type : Duet
Make : Lachenal
Model : 46 Key Maccann
Price : £600
Concertina Description

This is a tutor model Lachenal 46 key Maccann duet.

It has bone buttons, steel reeds and 6 fold bellows.

It has been fitted with new pads and valves and is tuned to concert pitch.

It is just a little worn-and being a cheaper instrument I couldn't afford to spend the many hundreds of pounds that we usually put into the instruments to make them look fabulous.

The ends show signs of wear but are solid. The bellows are airtight but have a few small patches-which are not immediately obvious. The reeds are fine and it plays well for a tutor model with a good response.

If you are looking for a beautiful example-this isn't for you. If however looks are not too important to you this is a genuine, concertina reeded, antique instrument for only £150 more than a plastic, Chinese, accordion-reeded copy.

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