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Lachenal 30 key in C/G

Type : Anglo
Make : Lachenal
Model : 30 key in C/G
Price : £900
Concertina Description

A 30 key anglo that I bought recently from another dealer.

It is the basic mahogany-ended Lachenal with bone buttons, steel reeds and 5 fold bellows.

It has been restored with new pads, valves, straps and tuned to concert pitch.

It plays well for a budget instrument but I have a felling that it is the reedpans and bellows from one concertina with the  ends from another. It doesn't seem to affect it and it plays just as well as an original one that would be £1100 but I am selling it for less because of its non-originality-which most players won't care about at all as long as it plays well.

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