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Lovely Wheatstone 48 Key Treble

Type : English
Make : Wheatstone
Model : 48 Key Treble
Price : £1400
Concertina Description

This is a totally rebuilt Wheatstone concertina from the mid 19th century.

It has new ends, buttons, valves, pads, straps, bushings and a new 6 fold set of bellows.

It has steel reeds and is tuned to concert pitch.

Comes in a quality padded gig bag.

A pleasure to play and with a fabulous mellow sound on top of a great action and response.

This is the sort of concertna that is lower middle range but plays well enough to suit most people for the rest of their playing life. 

As I write I must have five or six similar Wheatstone trebles at a similar price and quality.

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