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Lachenal 48 Key Tutor Model

Type : English
Make : Lachenal
Model : 48 Key Treble
Price : £550
Concertina Description

As Christmas is approaching I am listing a couple of cheap tutor model English concertinas which might make fine presents for prospective players. Indeed it is quite obvious that if a Chinese made, plastic, oversized, 30 key copy with accordion reeds and paper bellows is selling for around £450 then a genuine , antique , restored instrument must be worth way more-and will hold its value-which a cheap copy never will. 

This is a mahogany ended, bone buttoned Lachenal no 38952 which would be 1890's. It has brass reeds and 4 fold bellows.

It has been fitted with new pads, valves, straps and tuned to concert pitch + the bellows have had a rebind and re-paper.

Not a great concertina-but a great instrument to start on and learn the system-without spending a fortune- just to see if you like playing and  knowing that you can trade it in -at the purchase price-when you wish to move on to a better instrument-if it is in the same condition of course. Try getting the same money back for a cheap copy-you will probably get about half of its purchase price.

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