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Lachenal 56 Key Extended Treble New Model

Type : English
Make : Lachenal
Model : 56 key extended treble New Model
Price : £1600
Concertina Description

A very quick and bright playing Lachenal New Model-the one with the raised ends. 

It is number 43914 -which would be 1890's.

It is an extended treble-extended up above the normal treble. This was very common at the time as players in those days used music which went above the normal 48 keysof the treble. If you want an example of this -put "Sea Shell Have Music" into Youtube and see the wonderful Tommy Elliott playing a 56 key extended treble-then look where his fingers go! I can think of no finer player of the English concertina and we are lucky to have a minute of his playing recorded on film.

This instrument was bought in already restored so has recent pads, valves and is tuned to concert pitch.

It has steel reeds and 5 fold bellows.

Just one of an enormous range of English concertinas in the treble, extended treble, tenor, tenor-treble baritone , baritone-treble and bass varieties -as I write.

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