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Amazingly Rare Wheatstone 51 Key Single Action Bass English

Type : English
Make : Wheatstone
Model : 51 Key Single Action Bass
Price : £2500
Concertina Description

A very early Wheatstone Bass. Some people have suggested that it might be the first one ever made. It is number 1099.

It has rosewood ends, metal buttons, brass reeds and seven fold bellows. It has new straps, and the bellows valves have been replaced. It is in concert pitch.

The lowest note is a C on the left hand side.

These basses may only have brass reeds but they pack some punch and are probably more pleasant to listen to than those with steel reeds.

As with all single-action concertinas -it plays remarkably quickly.

I assume that almost all people reading this will know that single action intruments only play on the push and have a quick release system to get the bellows out so that you can continue to play on the push-a bit like breathing when playing a flute.

A rare historic instrument that works really well.

Comes in an oversized aluminium case.

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