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Amazing and Rare 62 Key Lachenal Maccann Duet

Type : Duet
Make : Lachenal
Model : 62 Key Maccann
Price : £2400
Concertina Description

A very unusual Lachenal Maccann No 2093-c 1900-10.

It is what I have heard called a "cottage" concertina-because it quite looks like a little house in shape. 

There are some lovely images of famous players like Alexander Prince waving concertinas of this shape around!

The one has raised ebonised ends, metal buttons, steel reeds  and  8 fold bellows.

It came in to me restored with new pads, valves and tuned to concert pitch.
The trouble was that although the reeds had been tuned they had not been cleaned of the dirt that was attached to them -especially in the days when smoke was always in the air. I therefore had to do some basic cleaning so that they would look tidy if it was opened-and to clean a reed you end up putting it slightly out of tune which meant that I had to tune it again.

It plays well and is in remarkably good condition for a concertina of this size which has wooden ends.

The bellows look immaculate and it even has a modern, custom made hard case with it.

You won't see many like this!

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