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Lachenal 30 Key in C/G

Type : Anglo
Make : Lachenal
Model : 30 Key in C/G
Price : £700
Concertina Description

A Lachenal anglo No 192208 c late 1920's.

It has mahogany ends, bone buttons , steel reeds and 5 fold bellows.

It has been restored with new pads, valves, straps and tuned to concert pitch.

This is one of those late Lachenals where they were buying in reeds from various reed makers -some of whom were not using very good steel -or making good reeds. It is therefore a little slower that I would like -and not particularly bright-which is why I am asking £400 less than I would do for a great example of this model.

Make no mistake-it is not unplayable-it works fine for a budget concertina but it is not thrilling. It is however only £100 more that a really good 20 key Lachenal-and I don't think you will ever see one so cheap. It is only £250 more than a plastic, Chinese, accordion-reeded one-and it will hold its price when upgraded-which the modern copies don't.

It is therefore ideal for a beginner who wants a real concertina to take their first steps on and can trade it back easily when it comes time to upgrade.

You wouldn't believe how many anglos I have-only a tiny fraction of which are on the website-so ask if you want something you can't see!

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