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Lachenal 48 Key Edeophone

Type : English
Make : Lachenal
Model : 48 key Edeophone
Price : £2700
Concertina Description

A lovely Lachenal Edeophone No 43899 c 1900. 

It has ebony ends, metal buttons , steel reeds and a set of 6 fold bellows.

It had just come back from a full service where the ends have been restained, bushings done, new pads and valves fitted and the bellows treated. It has also just been tuned to concert pitch and the reeds cleaned.

It has aluminium reedframes so is quite lightweight.

Aluminium reedframes in some Lachenals can disintegrate but it hasn't happened with this one-maybe they had put the issue right before it was made.

It plays quickly with a light action and a lovely sound-neither too quiet or too harsh.

It looks great and plays well-someone will love it!

Just one of great piles of English concertinas of all qualities and prices. If you don't see what you want-just ask-we probably have it.

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