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Extremely Rare Lachenal 57 Key Double Action Bass

Type : English
Make : Lachenal
Model : Double Action Bass
Price : £4000
Concertina Description

Basses are hard enough to get -and very sought after-but this is even rarer-a double action bass -which means that it plays on both the pull and the push which the majority of basses do not.

Double action basses can be slow but this is one that actually plays well and I was told by someone who specialises in basses that this one played as well as any one he had ever seen. It has ebonised ends, metal buttons, steel reeds and 7 fold bellows.

It has had a ton of work to get it up and playing. It has new ends, new bellows new bushings, pads, valves and is tuned to concert pitch.

It is in normal English configuration but I have been told that it probably needs a couple of reeds switched around for perfection-a simple job that I could easily do if someone told me what changes they would need.

It is a great player for one of its type and you might wait years to see another.

Usually I say that I have a load of other concertinas in stock as alternatives to the one shown-it is almost always true but not in this case. This is the only instrument of this type I have had in many years.

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