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Beautiful and Rare Rosewood Lachenal New Model 56 Key Treble

Type : English
Make : Lachenal
Model : 56 Key New Model
Price : £1600
Concertina Description

A very rare, early period Lachenal New Model  concertina no 25172 -from the 1880's.

It has raised rosewood ends, side cut decoration -which is extremely rare- metal buttons, steel reeds and original dark green 5 fold bellows.

It has been restored with new pads, valves and tuned to concert pitch.

I originally took in this instrument as a part exchange for a top concertina. i then sold it again and a couple of years later the same thing happened.

It was sold to me as "Henry" because I was told that it had belonged to Professor Henry Ellis-and a photocopy of his Who's Who entry is included.

It is very pretty but also plays well. It now needs a new owner to love it. 

If you are from out of the EU be aware that anything made of rosewood will require a Cites certificate which will cost you an extra £59 and can make a delay of three to four weeks before the permit is sent back for its export.

Just one of  a huge range of English concertinas including at least 16 Aeolas of different sizes and ranges.

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