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Wheatstone 48 Key Treble English Concertina

This concertina has been sold
Type : English
Make : Wheatstone
Model : 48 Key Treble
Price : £1350
Concertina Description

This one has been around in stock for a long time-not because it isn't good but because its looks are not to everyone's taste.

It is a mid Victorian Wheatstone which has rosewood ends, metal buttons, steel reeds and a brand new set of green, gold tooled bellows. 

It has been fitted with new pads, valves, straps and tuned to concert pitch. At the same time it was fitted with a quality set of new , 6 fold green bellows. Unfortunately the darker green was not then available and so it was fitted with bright green ones.

It plays really well but now we need to find someone who is individual and likes bright colours.

From the people I have met at Folk Festivals over the years ~I know that there are people out there who like bright colours and do not go by the same cautious  rules as most people do. I hope that out there is someone who will love "The Green Meanie" and be proud to be seen playing something different to everyone else.

If I am describing you then just get in touch.

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