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Fantastic Wheatstone 56 Baritone Aeola

This concertina has been sold
Type : English
Make : Wheatstone
Model : 56 Key Baritone Aeola
Price : £4000
Concertina Description

A Wheatstone 56 Key Baritone Aeola No 28105. It has ebonised ends, metal buttons, steel reeds, 7 fold bellows and has its original case which is in decent condition but probably needs some work to make it really secure. 

The instrument has been put on commission by a top player who has had it for some time.

It is a fabulous concertina with a wonderful tone, quick, light action-which is hard to get on a baritone- and baritones are the single most asked for concertinas on my wants list-and come in so rarely- Aeola baritones even rarer and 56 key Aeolas-the rarest of all.

I have checked it through and given it a good service and I love playing it. 

The only negative to some people would be that the finish on the wood is worn. There is no damage just wear marks and scratches-which I suppose is what you get with serious players who use them all the time and often in situations where you would prefer not to take an instrument of this value.

If it wasn't a little worn I would be asking a lot more money-and it would be sold tomorrow. I must stress that the wear is cosmetic-not mechanical.

You could even buy it and have the ends re-finished and still save money on the normal selling price.

I wouldn't wait too long to make up your mind about it!

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