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Amazing Jeffries 44 Key Anglo in B/F# !!!

This concertina has been sold
Type : Anglo
Make : Jeffries
Model : 44 key in B/F#
Price : £4600
Concertina Description

This is a truly fantastic playing instrument which has just been traded in. 

It is a Jeffries marked C Jeffries Maker and is a 44 key top model which has been fitted with new pads, valves, straps bushings and tuned to concert pitch. The work was done by Nigel Sture-and -although I haven't opened it up-it must be a fine job because it plays so well-light of touch, quick response and beautiful sound.

He doesn't make bellows I believe so I guess the new bellows were supplied to him to fit.

It would be a great deal more money  but it is in the unusual keys of B/F#.

I have been told that this is what the reeds were stamped and it is original so somebody must have ordered it that way. It begs the question that if somebody in the past wanted those keys-and I have seen some in the past also in B/F#-then there must have been some demand for them even if it is a niche market and that may still be true today. If you don't have to play with other people in a session I have to say that this sounds nicer than a C/G -that little half step makes it sweeter.

It will of course tune to C/G if a good tuner is given it-and I will probably do that myself if it isn't sold  as it will add way more to its value than the cost of doing it-but I have loads of jeffries in C/G and would rather leave such a lovely instrument in its original set up.

I ought to mention that a couple of accidental keys on the left have been lowered in pitch to suit the chords of the owner-but I was told that the changes were done by adding solder which can easily be reversed.

Want a fabulous Jeffries for a bargain price-this is it!

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