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Jeffries 30 Key in Bb/F

Type : Anglo
Make : Jeffries
Model : 30 Key in Bb/F
Price : £5000
Concertina Description

This is a concertina that came in some time ago from the North and it was in very poor and scruffy condition-as so many Jeffries are when they arrive,

It was sent for restoration and fitted with new pads, valves, straps, buttons, bushings and bellows as well as having the ends re-polished and the wood re-stained.

It has metal ends, metal buttons-the original were bone but were very worn-steel reeds and it is tuned to concert pitch with a new hard case.

It seems to have been made in Bb/F but-as usual with Jeffries-a few of the reeds had been changed around and a few lost-in fact it had a couple of brass reeds in when it arrived. We have had to introduce a small number of new reeds on the right -usually at the top end. They are not Jeffries reeds as no-one I know has ever scrapped a Jeffries anglo for spares-they are always restored -so Jeffries reeds cannot be found to replace missing ones. This I suspect is the case with the vast majority of Jeffries being played at the moment.

Having said all that-it sounds great, looks great and plays very well.

It is more or less in Wheatstone/Lachenal layout-which may be the reason that the accidental row was messed with-to get it into that system. 

A fine player-in good external condition at a bargain price. One of three Jeffries in stock in Bb/F.

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