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Jeffries 30 Key in C/G but Wheatstone Layout

Type : Anglo
Make : Jeffries
Model : 30 Key in C/G
Price : £5500
Concertina Description

A very strange instrument in that it is made by Jeffries but has a Wheatstone accidental layout. This would be perfect for someone who wants the sound and look of a Jeffries but plays a concertina with Lachenal or Wheatstone layout. It was bought from auction in a poor state and rebuilt. It has had new bellows, side rails, new side veneers , pads, valves, springs and bushings. 

As with most Jeffries some of the reeds may have been replaced in the past-and for all I know-that is how someone changed the layout. 

I cannot call it totally original but I sell it as a fine playing, fine looking concertina. I guess the customer will decide which is most important to them-the originality or the condition and playability.

Of course it has steel reeds.

Just one of a whole range of Jeffries concertinas in stock.

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