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Unknown 26 Key Anglo in C/G

Type : Anglo
Make : Unknown
Model : 26 Key in C/G
Price : £575
Concertina Description

A difficult instrument to describe. 

It has a label for Thomas Dawkins but he was a retailer-not a maker. 

I have had it to pieces and assumed that it was a Jones as it has some features of that maker-but then it has features that you do not see in Jones instruments-and it doesn't have a serial number-which Jones concertinas do. It has some pencil written notes inside which imply that it was made around 1888 but that is not certain.

It has a mixture of nickel silver and brass reeds and 5 fold bellows. New pads, valves and straps have been fitted. It is one of those budget instruments that has simple wood screws holding the ends on-and it is remarkably airtight but it is a crazy idea and it would be best if a purchaser changed that method of attaching the ends as the more they are released the more trouble it will be to get them airtight again.

I am also not a believer that nickel silver reeds will not break if used a lot-although it is easy to get brass replacements.

To summarise: It is playing well but has faults in its design and has an element of botching with it-hence the price-but it is a bargain for the money. Also the bellows are remarkably good for an instrument of this quality.

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