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Unusual Wheatstone 56 Key Aeola

Type : English
Make : Wheatstone
Model : 56 Key Extended Treble
Price : £2700
Concertina Description

An unusual Wheatstone Aeola extended treble-extended up, not down-that would be a tenor-treble. 

It is number 32088-which is top period even though it has the later badges-which came in first in good period.

It has ebonised ends, metal buttons, and a brand new, expensive set of 6 fold bellows.

What is unusual is that it has brass reeds  in aluminium frames-which tends to mark it out as a Salvation Army concertina as they often had to work in countries which had great humidity and had brass reeds put in because they didn't rust when steel would.  Bear in mind that these are Wheatstone Aeola brass reeds and are of the same quality as Aeola steel reeds and play just as quickly-but the combination of brass reeds and aluminium frames does mean that the concertina is very gentle and would be beautiful to sing with -or play where volume is not needed.

It has also been fitted with new pads, valves, straps and touch tuned to concert pitch.

It has had a very expensive repair but is well worth it. It plays well-with a beautiful sound-which will not be for everyone-but might suit you-hence the price.

Has its own modern hard case.

One of a large range of Aeolas which are not on the website.

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