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Amazingly Rare Wheatstone 48 Key Pinhole Aeola

Type : English
Make : Wheatstone
Model : Pinhole Aeola
Price : £2300
Concertina Description

You rarely see one of these-and you will never have found one in such good playing condition!

This is a Wheatstone "pinhole" Aeola-called as such because it has hardly got any fretwork on the ends-and what there is resembles a series of pinholes with swirly lines around them-which is why it is also called the "dot and comma" Aeola.

Of course it isn't an Aeola as we know it-with eight sides and raised ends-but it was made before that model and was the first Wheatstone instrument to have that designation on the end.

The paucity of fret means that it has a very internalised sound. It is slightly muffled and very mellow so it is a go -to instrument for singers. It is the sort of concertina that you adore or can't stand-but if you adore it you won't find one like this.

Firstly-rare as they are-if you do find one it will almost certainly have damaged ends-either bad cracks or bits missing. This was because they used real ebony. This one was no exception so it has had a new set of ends made by Bill Crossland-and a wonderful job he has made of it. Secondly it usually comes with four fold bellows which are really considered quite inadequate in today's World. This one has had a new top set of 6 fold made by Mark Adey. All the internals and reeds are original and sound great

It has also had new valves, straps, pads and is tuned to concert pitch. It comes in a new hard case.

A great looking and playing instrument-not for everyone but if it is for you then don't hang around-they tend to sell easily.

One of about eighty English concertinas in stock. We do not just have what you see on this site so ask us if you are looking for something.  

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