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Lachenal 55 Key "New Model" Maccann Duet

Type : Duet
Make : Lachenal
Model : 55 key Maccann
Price : £1500
Concertina Description

A very tidy Lachenal 55 key Maccann duet No 3853 which is probably around 1910-15.

It is the New Model version , (with the raised ends), which is a high quality instrument only beaten by the Edeophone in the Lachenal range.

It has ebonised ends, metal buttons, steel reeds and 7 fold bellows!

It has been restored in that it is fitted with new pads, valves and tuned to concert pitch. Off course it has been valeted but that is pretty well all it needed as it was in such good condition when bought.

I really ought to replace the straps as one is looking a little thin but  they are the original ones with the Lachenal name in gold-and the fact that it still has its original straps tells you what great condition it is in. I will add a new pair of straps in with it when it is sold.

It also has its original case which works but is not very pretty or of great quality-but that can be replaced.

You won't find one of these in this sort of condition very often-and they don't stay on the website very long usually. 

I ought also to mention that it plays very well and has a typical pleasant Lachenal wooden-ended tone.

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