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Fabulous and Rare Wheatstone Aeola 61 Key Maccann

Type : Duet
Make : Wheatstone
Model : Maccann Duet
Price : £2600
Concertina Description

I have never seen one quite like this:

It is basically a 61 key Wheatstone Maccann Aeola

What makes it special are a number of factors-it has ebonised ends with Gold buttons, side cut fretwork-which is almost unheard of on Aeolas-someone's name built into the fret and a slightly odd key layout.

This instrument comes with some history. It belonged to a Sheffield man called John Alfred Emmett- it may not be clear on the image but his name is built into the fret on the right hand side.

It is obviously a top quality instrument and the gold buttons and side cut rails prove its workmanship. The steel reeds play great and again are of ultimate quality.

It is a normal Maccann layout but anyone can see that some of the rows which are usually straight-have kinks in them. We can only presume that this could be the result of injuries suffered at the Battle of the Somme-which are mentioned in the history. Perhaps he lost a few finger ends.

As it also says on the additional info that it has been played by a couple of well known players who managed to get used to the bent rows and could play it quite easily with practise.

Since I bought it it has been restored with an end refinish, new pads, valves, straps and tuned to concert pitch

An amazingly rare -top model Maccann with history and brilliant reeds.

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