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Lachenal Bass English Concertina -For Spares

Type : English
Make : Lachenal
Model : Bass
Price : £800
Concertina Description

This seems to be a Lachenal- made Bass concertina with -originally 40 keys.

I bought it in this state with some reeds in a bag inside the case. I sent it to Mike Acott to put it all together and make an instrument out of it.

After spending some time with it he had little luck and gave me to believe that it might not all be the same instrument. That is as far as we got.

It occurs to me that there may be someone out there who would love to make some sort of bass-English or Anglo. I can't promise that we have all the right parts here but there are a load of bass reeds, buttons , action, bellows, bolts etc which would probably make a concertina with some woodworking skills. It is a great source of parts anyway-where else could you find bass reeds! 

I would keep it myself but it takes up quite a lot of room and I am getting near the end of my business career and I might as well clear a few spaces well before time.

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