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Very, Very Rare and Desirable Small-Sized Lachenal 30 Key Rosewood Anglo in C/G

This concertina has been sold
Type : Anglo
Make : Lachenal
Model : small size 30 key in C/G
Price : £2000
Concertina Description

I think I have only had one other of these in 45 years-a 5 1/2 inch Lachenal rosewood 30 key.

The standard size for most normal concertinas is 6 1/4 inches-this is much smaller. Usually these smaller ones are 20 keys but here you have a full 30 key  with all the normal reeds.

These concertinas are always brighter and quicker than most of the normal size ones and are especially sought after for young girls , people with smaller hands -or as a decent playing novelty-and lightweight of course.

It has rosewood ends, bone buttons, steel reeds and 6 fold bellows. It was originally in Bb/F but has been re-pitched to C/G to be more useful and to suit Irish playing.

It has the usual new pads, valves, straps -bushings fitted, a bellows rebind and tuned to concert pitch

It has its original hard wooden case but does not like going into it so it will be put in a quality gig bag and the original case given with it as well as it just needs some wood shaved off the inner walls.

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