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Lovely George Case Baritone English

This concertina has been sold
Type : English
Make : George Case
Model : 48 Key Baritone
Price : £1850
Concertina Description

Baritones have to be the most sought after of the English concertina range-I don't seem to be able to keep them in stock for a week!

This is a mid Victorian George Case 48 key with rosewood ends, metal buttons, steel reeds and 5 fold bellows.

It has just come back from a complete overhaul including pads, valves , straps, bushings, re-binding the bellows and tuning to concert pitch.

As with all baritones it is quite large and measures  7 3/4 inches across the ends. I guess it is a lot heavier than a treble but most people play them on the knee while sitting down-so it should not be much of a problem.

A lot of Victorian baritones are quite slow  but this one is as fast as I have ever seen one to be.

It looks great, sounds great and plays as well as any baritone at this price could do. 

It has its original wooden case which I haven't had restored -but which someone could probably do themselves.

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