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Unknown-Possibly Early Crabb 30 Key Anglo in C/G

Type : Anglo
Make : Unknown
Model : 30 Key in C/G
Price : £1900
Concertina Description

I took this in a few weeks ago. It is obviously quite an early anglo but I can find no name or marks that would tell me its origin. It reminds me of some of the early John Crabbs and that is my best guess.

It has rosewood ends, bone buttons, steel reeds and 6 fold bellows.

I cannot say that it is beautiful. when it came it had a few extra buttons put in later through the fretwork-and it was not a particularly well done job. It also  had a few areas of fret repair. I have had it away and the odd  buttons taken out and the repairs being tidied as best you can. The buttons are quite worn in places and I would say that the bellows on it are of Wheatstone origin.

It has been fitted with new pads ,valves , straps and tuned to concert pitch.

Having said all the negatives-it plays very well-has a drone and is a solid  players instrument which is much better than equivalent Lachenals as the reeds and rivited action are an improvement.

Just one of loads of 30 key anglos in stock.

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