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Wheatstone Mayfair 30 key English Concertina

Type : English
Make : Wheatstone
Model : Mayfair 30 key
Price : £525
Concertina Description

Here you have the forerunner of many of the modern cheap 30 key English concertinas-but this one is made by Wheatstone-although they never stamped their name on them-although it is on the straps.

The Mayfair models-English and Anglo- were products of the 1950's when the concertina had been pretty well deceased for about 20 years. It was an attempt to start a concertina revival and was targeted directly at the Folk Dance Revival which had just begun. They reasoned that there was a market for a cheap, efficient English concertina and it was to be the way back into making a new range of more traditional instruments.

This one has a sort of hybrid steel reed and real leather bellows-which the modern copies do not have.

It also had a simplified but very efficient action. 

They play really well and are a world away from the modern copies in quality, sound and efficiency. I really like Mayfairs and the fact that they are still playing so well shows that they have as much reliability as the original concertinas of 100 years ago.

This one is for sale for only just more than the price of a modern plastic and paper bellowed copy. I know which one I would choose-and so would you if you were to try both options

One of a huge range of English concertinas which are not shown here.

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