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Amazingly Rare Jeffries 20 Key with Metal Ends.

Type : Anglo
Make : Jeffries
Model : 20 Key in C/G
Price : £1700
Concertina Description

I have had many thousands of concertinas-and seen many more-but I have never seen a 20 key Jeffries with the proper Jeffries metal ends.

They did make a budget 20 key model with rather crude rosewood ends and 5 fold bellows-those play well but don't look any better than a Jones -and not as neat as a Lachenal

This one is a fully stamped 20 key in C/G and it plays and sounds just as you would expect a Jeffries to sound.

It has recently been fitted with a new set of quality 6 fold bellows-the original ones were also 6 fold. It also has new pads, valves , straps , bushings and is tuned to concert pitch. 

It is in great condition and plays well but there are signs of repair to the metalwork on the left hand side.

Some people are quite happy to have no bigger instrument than a 20 key-it suits what they want from a concertina. If that is you then why not have one that is as good as they can possibly be?

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