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Unique Wheatstone Pinhole Aeola AEOLA !!!

Type : English
Make : Wheatstone
Model : Pinhole Aeola
Price : £3250
Concertina Description

I have had many thousands of concertinas but I have never seen another one of these!

Pinhole Aeolas are one of Wheatstone's  first attempts at a new range of concertinas in the 1895-1900 period. Traditionally they have flat ebony ends and are six sided. Much loved for their quick response but very gentle sound-probably because of the minimal amount of fretwork-which is also known as "dot and comma" fretwork as that is what it looks like.

I must have had about 10 of the normal pinholes but I have never seen an eight sided one with raised ends-a true Aeola-yet with the minimalistic fretting. It has no number but I would guess it would be 23000 period and  could well be the first real Aeola ever made.

All that is interesting but without it being a playing instrument it would mean nothing.

This is a good playing instrument with fast action-in good condition and that sound that only this model of concertina has. It has ebonised ends, metal buttons steel reeds and a brand new set of 6 fold bellows.

It has had some work done on one end which had a damaged piece of fret-it doesn't look perfect but it doesn't stand out and it is solid.

As I said-it has been fitted with a quality set of 6 fold bellows, new pads, straps, valves, bushings and tuned to concert pitch.

It comes in a later period Wheatstone hard case.

This sort of instrument is not the best for sessions but is great for singing with or playing in gentler situations-and it is unique-until someone says they have one -or another one is found!

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