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Amazing Wheatstone Anglo in Bb/F

Type : Anglo
Make : Wheatstone
Model : 30 Key Linota in Bb/F
Price : £4500
Concertina Description

This is a top quality Linota No 32479 -late 1920's -best period.

It has metal ends and buttons, steel reeds and a brand new set of 7 fold bellows. 

It has been restored with new pads, straps, valves and tuned to concert pitch+ the new bellows.

When I first saw this instrument i thought it was a baritone as it is 7 inches across the end. when I realised that it was a standard Bb/F I wondered why it was made that way-and then I played it.

This instrument is fabulous! 

It is extremely powerful and will carry anywhere. It is also quick in action with tremendous reeds which must obviously be long scale. It plays terrifically and has a glorious resonance which I put down to the size. I believe it was built to sound like this and it kills normal size versions with the richness of the sound.

Like all top quality concertinas-the reeds are so good that it doesn't need to be played at full power for it to work-it has a large dynamic range and can play softly as well as powerfully. 

Really must be played to appreciate.

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